How Sports Injuries Are Transforming the Games We Watch and the Athletes Who Play Them

Sports medicine has had a tremendous influence on athletes and sports — perhaps more than any change in coaching or training has ever had. Injuries, treatments, surgeries and injury prevention strategies will continue to influence sports and the athletes who play them for years to come.

- Dr. David Geier

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Viewed through the lens of many devastating injuries to some of the best athletes ever to play their sports, I discuss how sports medicine has helped athletes play longer and better than ever. In doing so, we have also created some dilemmas we will have to solve if we want to keep athletes and active people healthy and performing at their peak.
  1. Professional athletes: Should athletes try to return to play as quickly as possible after injuries or take steps to protect their bodies for the rest of their careers? Do team physicians and athletic trainers side with the athletes or the teams in determining when they can safely play?
  2. Weekend warriors: Should active adults continue to push ourselves to exercise, even if we might develop arthritis and other injuries down the road? Should we turn to experimental treatments like stem cells and PRP to help us continue to train?
  3. Youth athletes: As many parents and coaches push kids to train longer and compete harder than ever to earn college scholarships and pro contracts, do we risk physical injuries, and worse, ruining sports for our kids?
  4. Doctors, surgeons, and all healthcare professionals: Should we continue to develop new treatments and surgeries to get athletes back in the game or focus our efforts on preventing these injuries from occurring in the first place?

About The Author

Dr. David Geier is an orthopaedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist who provides education and commentary on sports and exercise injuries for athletes and active people to help you stay healthy and perform your best.
He started writing articles on his website – – in August 2010 as a hobby. His goal at the time was simple – to share sports medicine and wellness information in easy-to-understand language for athletes, parents, coaches and other healthcare providers. 
What he never expected to find back in 2010 was a passion for communicating this information. Despite long hours in clinic and surgery, he is still excited to open his laptop and write. He now writes a regular column for the daily Charleston newspaper, The Post and Courier. He records videos every week answering questions from his audience, and he produces a weekly sports medicine podcast. He also created a networking and educational site for healthcare professionals who work with athletes and active people – Sports Medicine University. As of this writing, over 200,000 unique visitors come to his website every month.
For more information about Dr. Geier, or for more information on sports and exercise injuries and injury treatments and prevention, check out his site – and his Sports Medicine Simplified online courses.

Get the first chapter From That's Gotta Hurt - and the That Doesn't Have To Hurt! eBook - Absolutely Free Right Now!

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